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Auto Submitting Software Vs Manual Implementation

The services available to submit your site to the web directories represent on of the most important aspects when it comes to site promotion.

Unfortunately, web designers are insufficiently promoting it. Because of this, most of the sites on the market have zero or almost zero ranking. The owners of a domain consider or maybe they simply don’t know that a good looking site is not necessarily a very successful one.

The services available to submit your site to a web directory can remove the site from anonymity, increase the traffic and build up the appreciation of the search engines. The web directories are neglected by most of the site owners. A well-promoted site must benefit from a submission to the web directories.

Google considers a site important based on the high-quality links leading to it.

As submission of the links in question goes so far, the battle is done between automatic and manual submission.

Automatic submission

The automatic submission is something that most webmasters have chosen to go for lately. The myth that this way the site will arrive rapidly in the search due to a large number of links posted in a small interval of time proved just a myth.

Automatic submission is simply posting links with no strategy behind the action. Such a submission is indeed easy, fast and apparently efficient.

Still such link will not be keyword optimized to fit the profile or the category of the domain, and this makes subscription inefficient and damaging to the site.

Manual submission

Different from the automatic one, the manual submission is better from every single point of view. The person in charge of the submission will be able to introduce keywords, area, make original descriptions and suggestive titles. This is indeed an optimization process, and the results are visible fast. So far this directory submission method makes sure that every step is followed with attention this always being the preferred method among webmasters with a taste for high-quality SEO.

As a bottom line, the manual submission is a simpler and more efficient method of promoting a site.

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