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Bookmarking or more accurately social bookmarking is an excellent way to pass from active to passive in online business. You can influence others through what you bookmark on the web by adding the right tags.

Most of the online bookmarking sites make your favorites visible to the public. As a result, the ones looking for the same terms will see in the search the pages recommended by other users and will read their opinion on the links they posted. The bookmarking sites the type of Del.icio.us and Digg allow you to set up browser buttons making the bookmarking even more simple.
Mainly the social bookmarking represents an opportunity for the webmasters to expose their websites to a specific crowd created especially for your targeted niche. This is called viral traffic, a very reliable traffic source which finds the utmost support in bookmarking.

If for the general internet users the social bookmarking is ideal for filtering and categorization of the relevant news, for companies it can become a valuable instrument used for traffic increase, brand advertising and credibility.

The right way to use bookmarking is related to a pattern most webmasters follow to good use.

First, you have to establish a profile on the relevant bookmarking sites and make the profile as realistic as possible. Include a description of the company and a link towards your web page.

It is smart to install bookmarking button offered by the social bookmarking networks on the company site or blog. This way the visitors to your site will be able to bookmark it further increasing your organic traffic.

Make sure you bookmark every change or article published on your site. Be active in the community, evaluate the bookmarking of the other members, build up and increase the positive image of your profile.

Opposite to Google and the other search engines, the bookmarking sites are based on people rather than computers to get the best content on the search. Of course, the bookmarking will never replace the power of the search, however if correctly managed in can become a valuable way for getting targeted visitors to a site.

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