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Content – Why is it important?

Why does any website need to have good content? Simply because the website’s content is its identity. Content is the combination of words along with audio visual effects. It is this that will speak out for you and impress your visitor. Content is no doubt the heart of a website.

No matter how attractive or easy to use your site may be, all that matters is what you have to say. It is only good content that will hold a visitor and compel them to bookmark you and come back to the site again and again. Only if the visitor is impressed with the content will they sign up for your RSS feed or newsletter or whatever else you may like them to do.

There are three main reasons why you need unique and useful content for a website.

1. Search Engine Optimization:
It is only quality content that will help you index your website on any search engine. A search engine will rank a web page according to its content, and a page with better content will rank higher. A well wrote and formatted web page will be indexed again and again by the search engines each time they update. It pays to be a high ranking site on the main search engines as it will lead to higher traffic.

2. Inbound links:
Good content will mean that other sites will want to be associated with you, giving a boost to your inbound links. No doubt that the more links you have pointing to your page from good and well-known sites the better your page will fare. It will not only bring traffic from other websites but also improve your popularity, which in turn will help you get indexed better by search engines.

3. Smart users:
The internet users are a smart, savvy bunch of people who can distinguish good quality content from poor or bad content. They will come back to a site only if they’re sure that they’ll get the information they need and if the information is accurate. A user will likely not return to a site that gives poor content or content with just words instead of proper information.

Content no doubt was king, is king and will always be king.

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