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High Page Ranking

Page rank is the numeric ranking of a web page. The ranking determines the importance of the page on the web. Web pages with higher rankings get to figure in the search results of search engines like Google thus increasing the chances of internet users hitting it. Thus, a higher ranking ensures that the web page appears on the first page of search results leading to higher traffic.

How is page ranking determined? Google takes into account various factors to ascertain the importance of a web page to determine its page rank. Some of the major factors are the links to and from the web site to other web pages and websites. Links are not the only deciding factor, but they play a major role.

Search engines like Google take account of the number of links present on a website though they will not count all the links present on it. Google naturally eliminates links that are from websites that are known for generating links. A site can’t control the links from other sites but has a say in the links that go from their site. It pays to be linked to from reputed sites with good rankings.

The page rank is calculated based on the number of inbound links. These include links from within the site and from outside the site. The formula used for calculation of page rank is:

PR(A) = (1-d) + d(PR(T1)/C(T1) + … + PR(Tn)/C(Tn))

We can safely assume that Google too uses a similar equation. This was first published when Page Rank was still in its early stages.

Ti-Tn denotes the pages linked to the given page A. the outbound links is represented by C and the damping factor (0.85) by d.

The simple math here is that each page linked to another contributes to that page’s Page Rank. This contribution of each page is a little less than its page rank that is the damping factor. Each page provides its page rank value X 0.85.

This means that the page rank of the given page (A) is dependent on the page rank of a the page (C) it is linked to. Similarly, the page rank of page C is dependant on the page rank of A. the calculation has to be done multiple times to reach the correct Page rank.

With each calculation, the page rank of the pages will change thus giving new results. Repetition of about 50 times can help one reach the actual page rank.

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