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Keywords and keyword techniques

Keywords are the basic essentials for the SEO of any website. The selection of optimum keywords is essential to ensure a good ranking in the SERP. Keywords are generally chosen with the help of specific tools that guide you towards the most used keywords related to your niche. Keywords may be on one, two, three or more words. It may also be theme based depending on the niche.

The three basic categories are:

-One Word Keywords

-Multiple Word Keywords

-Theme Based Keywords

One Word Keywords:

Single Word Keywords tend to direct a lot of traffic but result in high competition in site categories. These are generic keywords and are directed towards the general net user. These may not help to direct the specific users looking for your specific service. Single word keywords are essentially used to provide a theme to the web page and are used 4-5 times on a given page.

Some examples would be general keywords like services, learning, etc. these keyword searches will give results like revenue service department, educational service, etc. This helps in directing plenty of traffic, but these may or may not be the target internet user who needs your service or product.

Multiple Words Keywords:

This type of keyword is the backbone of SEO as most users will search for a product or service with multiple words. This helps reach the specific target internet user who is looking for a specific service or product. Most multiple word searches are geographical in nature when the user is searching for a service/product in a specific geographic location.

Theme Based Keywords:

Theme based keywords are aimed at a highly specific audience and usually result in good sales, high position in SERP and an increased page rank. These are also known as conceptual keywords. The theme keyword will have all the keywords directed towards a site. They also help to provide Keyword rich texts that prove an added advantage with search engines. These keywords attract a lot of traffic that is rich in potential customers. All this helps to improve the SERP rankings.

Theme keywords are focused on a specific idea or target. They are used on every page of the website and are much focused. These keywords help towards building up a repertoire of pages related to the website.

The keyword placement strategy dictates that a judicious use of a fair mix of all types of keywords is essential to attract targeted traffic.

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