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Monetizing a site

Monetizing a Site; The Types of Options and Techniques

Monetizing a site is the safest and most certain way to earn money from your online activity.

90% of the entrepreneurs dream fast earning and impressive amounts the likes of Facebook networking profits, forgetting that behind a site generating a constant income lies investment, work , SEO and patience.

There is a large amount of blogs online filled with copied content expect to earn a lot of cash without putting in any effort.

There are many ways you can monetize a site.

Google Adsense is the most famous method of making money with sites and blogs. It generates profit on a realistic scale out of text ads. The only issue is that Adsense is very strict and does not allow even the slightest mistake, your account being disabled the second you click on your own ads.

Affiliate programs are a very good source of income. And as any income this is one you have to work for. The quality advertising and a well targeted public are the right combination for such an income stream.

Online publicity is quite common and it mainly concerns sites and blogs of a high notoriety or public profile in their specific niche. A site can receive a very good CPM rate or PPC rate if it can prove it has a huge amount of traffic that can generate visitors to the sites whose banners it hosts.

Paid articles are something very common on blogs. Blog reviews, hired content, paid advertising articles are all available but you will have to have a high quality content site and the site would have to have a decent Google rank and a general good name.

Paid links are also a way of site monetization provided the site has a high Google ranking. Still you should watch out for Google. Selling and buying links is illegal but in the mean time a very efficient tool for niche markets.

RSS feeds can be paid too. If you are a valuable author, an authority in the business you can afford to ask for money from your faithful subscribers. You can also charge people to place surveys on your page.

Paid subscription is a very good option. If you are the owner of a forum, portal, or domain with a very good name in a special niche market you can charge the people who want to subscribe to your service but also the advertisers who want to place ads or offers on your web space.

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