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Search Engine Submission

You can either wait for the search engine spiders to find your website or you can opt for direct search engine submission. It is a good way of promoting your site, but it is essential to do so only in specific cases.

Usually, the search engines will find you through your backlinks and other links that you have established across the virtual world. Once the spiders find your website, they will be able to crawl across the various pages if the website is internally linked properly.

Search engine submission is a good option when you’ve created a completely new website and also when you have added a new web page and would like it to be a part of the search engine results real quick.

So how does one submit a website? You can either submit the entire site in one go or submit page by page. If you decide to submit in one go, you will need a sitemap that will list all the links across your website so that the search engine can access all the pages. On the contrary, if your website is well linked internally all you need to do is submit your home page, and the spiders will find all the other pages through it.

You can submit the website to the popular search engines which will eventually find it even if you don’t do so, or you can submit it to local search engines which will take you straight to new and may be untapped markets. Search engines like Baidu.com (China) are overtaking the popularity of Google in their country. And these search engines may not be able to locate your website otherwise as they concentrate on their local market.

Even if you decide to submit your website/page to the search engines directly, you need to make sure that the site is search engine friendly. Not only should it be well linked internally but also have plenty of back links to and from various sites that already have a good reputation with Google. It should also have relevant content with suitable keywords. In other words, it should be search engine optimized to give you optimum results.

This is essential as depending on these factors the search engine will rank you and decide how worthy you are. The higher you rank the better for you. When a user uses the search engine, they will usually not look past the first page of results. Thus, if you would like traffic to your website it makes sense to be on the first page of search results.

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