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SEO Plugins

What should you do for your site to be visible on the Internet?

The answer is simple: SEO optimization.

This refers exclusively to helping search engines discover the page content and understand how relevant it is for keyword related search. Practically if you do not have an SEO optimization the chances of getting even a small number of visitors are very small.

Fortunately, the WordPress, Joomla, and Firefox communities have developed several plugins destined to optimize the content on your web page. The purpose of these plugins is to help choose the right tags for each article, to warn the search spiders about the modifications and news on your blog so they could index the content, optimize the article titles and do many more other things.

There are SEO plugins available for the major platforms used to install sites and webmaster communities are currently working in developing plugins compatible with any site. However, choosing the right one is not exactly easy and installing too many will get you the exact opposite effect.

It is good to know that plugins can only do so much in SEO optimization. They can help index, target and expose but they cannot increase the quality of a site.

There are sites out there with 20-100 plugins installed and owners waiting for miracle results after installing them. Keep in mind that the plugins are simple software and no matter how smart you should not abuse their usage.

You may ask why would anybody install so many plugins for indexation and optimization. Well, first thing first, all webmasters consider search engine indexation the mother of all web traffic and see in SEO plugins the tool to get on the first pages of the search.

Still it is obvious that this optimization is not done overnight, and the plugins work wonders only if related to valuable content, realistic profiling, social branding, and quality online marketing.

Consider the SEO plugins a smart tool but keep in mind that like any tool they need a master handler.

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