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Social Media Optimization

Social media is currently the trendiest tool in online marketing. At the first sight this extremely available and lovable way of marketing a business is something extremely simple that anyone can do.

However, social media optimization is strictly linked to SEO and in spite of being a very smart tool it can prove to be an extremely volatile environment for a business site without proper SEO optimization.

There are sites and blogs with exquisite content which unfortunately are not found by the search engines by any keyword search because of insufficient “on site” SEO optimization. On the other hand, the very accurately optimized sites are found on the first page of Google, ranking high on specific keywords not only with the site itself but also with the Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr assigned to that site.

The other side of the medal is that if a SEO campaign is not sustained by social media, it will not have a large impact over the online environment. Through their very nature, the social media implies voting, sharing, commenting which are all transformed into active inbound links.

So what exactly is the Social Media Optimization about?

1. Discovering the audience

Targeting the public is all about understanding the behavior, preferences and publishing methods of the users. Many companies create social media campaigns for promoting sites using specific strategies and specific networks. For example selling a product will do great in socializing networks like Facebook, while creating business partners will evolve better on LinkedIn.

2. Defining objectives

This type of task becomes naturally the task of the sales and marketing department of a company. It is very important that these objectives will be clear and precise. Such objectives will introduce into social media optimization the right strategy as efficient and accurate messages are concerned. This is the only way you can get measurable results.

3. Following a plan

The online marketing plan must contain both SEO and SMM, focusing of content and users interacting discussing the topic because, the main purpose is that the content will be shared by users. Creating and publishing new content, proactive promotion and sharing will get the attention of the online community.

4. Creating strategy

The social media specialists are focusing on discovering the targeted audience, the interaction going on between the people of the targeted crowd and the knowledge shared between them. Based on that, the campaign can be developed effectively in order to reach the targeted purpose.

How do you monitor the social media optimization effect on your business?

That is rather simple. Monitor the number of relevant links obtained through it, the growth in the page rank, the number of sites or posts where you blog or site was mentioned, the number of daily hits and most of all the way your business image is perceived by the clients.

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