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What is Adsense?

Google AdSense is a sophisticated program that lets you run advertisements on your website. It is a free program, and the ads are chosen by Google. Google will put up ads that are relevant to your site. Instead of random ads, it will choose ads that are likely to interest your visitors. The advantage here for you is that every time one of your readers clicks on these ads you make some money.

AdSense is a very popular program with bloggers and other non-commercial websites. It gives them an opportunity to earn some money while they blog or give out information. All you need to do is sign up for the program and make some space for the ads. Google will give you a few lines of HTML code that you will need to paste on your page and soon Google will have aesthetic ads running on your web pages. Each time someone clicks on one of these ads you get paid a fee. Although you will never know how much the company pays for each one of them and yes some ads may pay you more than others.

Adsense can be run on an e-commerce site too, but it wouldn’t be nice to see a competitor’s ads next to your display, and this can happen quite often as one has no control over the ads that are put in by Google. It does have a filter system where you can leave out a few ads.

Google makes its decision about the ads being run on your site, but it does with plenty of (Ad)Sense. It goes through the content of your pages and will choose ads that are relevant to your content and will hold interest for your readers. Say you blog about vintage cars. AdSense will then choose ads concerning vintage cars sellers or companies that repair vintage cars. It thus makes sense to have a niche topic and concentrate on it to get relevant ads and in the bargain make quite a bit of money.

Since Google assess your content, it makes sense to have more text than words. Google will have difficulties evaluating the content of a site with more pictures and fewer texts. You may even realize that over the months Google will know exactly what your readers want and dish up the perfect ads that help you make some money each time your readers click on them. Also, Google will make their location specific.

When Someone from Poland is reading your blog, they will see ads in Polish and specific to their country. Similarly a British Reader will find ads in English related to businesses running in England.

It’s a great way to make plenty of money provided you have the right niche and plenty of visitors and yes Google will know if your site is a sham and all you are interested in is the money.

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