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What is PPC?

PPC is the acronym for PayPerClick or more accurately the process of earning traffic by buying publicity as a search engine service. The concept can be fond also under the name CPC (CostPerClick).

This traffic earning method is one that is recommended for when you want a lot of traffic fast, and you don’t have time to wait for long-term optimization. Such a campaign can have an impact on the brand of the site, making it more visible to a large audience of potential customers, but when the campaign is stopped, and the account is no longer funded, the site disappears instantly from the SERP.

There are some advantages you can get from a PPC campaign provided it is one long enough.

Quality traffic- the visitors to your site are considered consumers informed about your product or service. The PPC publicity brings you these clients for a small price.

Immediate exposure, rapid results – the PPC publicity offers you the chance to get results very fast. The site appears in the search within a few hours, and which can be followed by an increase in sales.

Important position within the search results– In the results displayed by the search engine for your keywords, your ad will be placed strategically so it will be the most visible and get maximum hits.

The PPC publicity allows easy control over the campaign. The advertisers can reach to the clients they want and set their very own price/click. The PPC network platform offers you the chance to segment the market using geographic criteria, domains of interest or industry. The PPC networks have sites established in different niches, and your ads will appear there too.

Using a PPC campaign you have access to many tools and you can study the functioning of the PayPerClick limits. You can check whether or not it is efficient enough to generate sales. The PPC service offers you the possibility to set up a daily ad budget so you will not pay extra for hits that don’t bring you any result.

In PPC, the most important elements are the keywords and the key phrases. You must choose at least ten words that will bring you profit through the search result. Then you will simply have to write the ad accurately so it will describe your product or service.

You must be careful to limit your budget for bidding on the keywords. A lot of money can be burned trying to get the results you expect. Make sure you evaluate the profit you want to get and compare the expenses. If you see no progress, it is better to stop the campaign.

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