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What is RSS?

RSS is short for “Really Simple Syndication” and defines a simple way to distribute a list of titles, updates and usually content towards a large number of people. It’s also used as an internet software option to get in contact with a particular site or the information on it.

RSS solves a critical problem. Every day more and more people are interested in the websites whose content is changed without following a pattern i.e. “weekly posts” The sites offer news, programs or promotions along with content and services. Sometimes the user may find difficult to “swim” among all of these to see if there is anything new.

The initial solution was to create email updates notifying the visitor about each change in the site. Unfortunately, when you get this type of emails from several sites they can become disorganized and may get into a spam folder.

RSS offers a better way to announce your news. Even if you’re expecting news from a large number of sites, the results are nicely managed.

RSS is based on a list of notifications managed by the websites administrators after a standard method. This list is called “RSS Feed” and the interested readers can get the most interesting titles from the feed.

There are special RSS aggregators which were developed to access the RSS Feeds of the websites you are interested in and get you organized results. These are called RSS clients.

Setting up an RSS Feed is extremely easy, and hundreds of thousands of websites offer this service among which the most famous are the online portals of news magazines the type of New York Times, BBC, Reuters but also the majority of online blogs.

RSS clients automatically check the RSS Feeds to collect new content and keep the information organized so the reader will not have to read the entire site content every time he gets an update.

There are mobile RRS clients under the shape of applications easy to install on your computer but also websites specially created to fulfill this purpose which you can easily access through your browser.

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