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What Is SEO?

With hundreds of pages being added online every day, it is imperative for your business that your page is viewed by potential customers. So how do you bring your page to their notice? It is done with the help of SEO or in other words: Search Engine Optimization.

In simple words, you need to optimize your web pages so that they rank high on the result pages of search engines. Internet users searching with particular keywords, rarely go through the second or third page of the search results. The user will usually choose from among the first few sites. Thus, it is imperative to be able to rank your site among the top results if you wish to increase traffic to your website or web page.

The SEO of a web page or website is dependent on many factors, and there are various ways to build and improve the SEO of a page. The leading factor here is the number of links pointing to your web page. The larger the number of links leading from other websites to your site, the better for will be for your ranking. Google considers links as a vouche or vote in your favor.

Another important factor is original web content. It is essential that your web page has high-quality content that is unique to it. Search Engines like Google tend to ignore pages which have duplicate content. Moreover with original content, it is easier to generate a higher number of links to your page.

When Google or any other engine comes across a link, they spider your link and index the page. It is advantageous if all the pages in your website are linked to each other. This ensures that after indexing your page the Google Spiders will return to spider the rest of your site.

Another factor here is that Google normally does not let new pages rank too high. The web address needs to develop “age” and “trust” to become a high ranking page. For this, you don’t only need high-quality links leading to your web page, but also the presence of the particular search phrases in the content. Google will throw up your page only when it has the relevant keyword phrase being searched.

It is essential to have links directed from sites that are already trusted by Google. This will automatically increase your trust. More the number of links from trusted sites to your site the better your Trust level.

These are the first steps to a better-optimized website with higher chances of a good ranking in search result pages of various search engines.

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